School Programs at the Santa Elena History Center

School groupSchool group tours the cellsStudents view the exhibits

School programs at the Santa Elena History Center are a great way to extend learning outside the classroom and ensure that students understand the significant history of the area in which they live.

  • The History Center is open for student reservations 8p-5p Monday-Friday.
  • Each tour/program lasts approximately 50 minutes. Teachers and chaperones are free.
  • Bus parking is available next to the History Center free of charge.
  • Lunch/Snack areas are available. There is also a museum gift shop.
  • Our tour and programs can be combined with other attractions in the downtown area.

Schedule educational field trips with Megan Morris by email at or phone 843-379-1550.

Download the Field Trip Guide “flyer” here.

Students meet Pedro Menendez at Santa Elena

Have your students meet Pedro Menendez!

Full Tour and Activities throughout the Santa Elena History Center $6/student

exhibitAfter meeting under the Ring of Flags and viewing the introductory video, students tour the main exhibit to learn why Spain, France and England were interested in settling the “New World” in the 16th century and why Santa Elena became the Spanish capital of la Florida. Tour may include a scavenger hunt worksheet! Then students divide into groups to: tour the building to learn local courthouse history and see jail cells, work hands-on in the Dig Table to learn about archaeology, and play Santa Elena themed computer games at the Education Station.

Add-on Programs to enhance the experience:

Antebellum Social with Dance

Antebellum Social with Dance

Learn of Ladies’ clothing during the Antebellum Social Season

Try your hand at antebellum methods of communicating via fan

Honor Your Partner Dance Program: Students participate in several Antebellum Dances

Etiquette and songs during the Antebellum and Civil War Periods


Artifact show and tell

   Artifact Show-and-Tell

From Native American arrowheads to 16th century pottery and Civil
War era guns.

Learn history through objects as you hold them in your hands.

Hear about the archaeological discovery process and how artifacts
verify the historical record


Life of a Soldier

Life of a Soldier

Explore a Civil War camp site

Learn of Soldiering during the War

Experience a firing demonstration of weaponry from the 16th century and the Civil War




Explore Downton's West Side

Tour of Downtown’s West Side

Depart from Santa Elena to explore West side of Beaufort’s National Historic District, includes a visit to St. Helena Episcopal Church and graveyard.

Walking tour shows breathtakingly natural vistas and impressive architecture from the Colonial and Antebellum Eras with tales and songs of history from guides dressed in full period costumes.

See 19th century photos of the houses and compare them to the current structures.


Coming to Your School A presentation on Santa Elena and any of our add-on programs may also be given in your school or classroom!
$200 per hour.