Santa Elena Foundation Featured In Dude Magazine

“Last issue I introduced you DUDE followers to the SANTA ELENA FOUNDATION and their ongoing fantastic efforts to bring this important story to the forefront of American history. Yeah, we know the story of Jamestown in 1607 as told and documented by our war winning English forefathers BUT, if the Spanish would have won, I think Santa Elena would certainly be documented as the first real European settlement in America. Of course, now, we’re really biased as this place is located in our very own beautiful Beaufort County, South Carolina, more particularly on Parris Island, Marine Recruit Depot. There is of course a WHY? and it was the battle to see who would conquer the New World: the French, the Spanish or the English. But there is no question about the WHO? of Santa Elena and it is none other than one bad ass DUDE named Pedro Menendez de Aviles, the first governor of La Florida. Let’s get to know this DUDE.”

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