Paul Hoffman, PhD.

Dr. Hoffman is the Murrill Distinguished Professor of History, at Louisiana State University.  He received his PhD from the University of Florida.  Dr. Hoffman is author of the award-winning A New Andalucia and a Way to the Orient (published in 1990 and again in 2004) and Florida’s Frontiers (published in 2002); he is author of four other books, and numerous other writings.  With Dr. Eugene Lyon he worked with the St. Augustine Foundation, Inc. to propose a living history museum for the 16th century town.  Recently he edited issues of the Florida Historical Quarterly dedicated to scholarship on the 16th century.  He delivered the first Jerrell Shofner Lecture for the Florida Historical Society at the University of Central Florida (La Florida : Thoughts About a Story Still Largely Untold).  His scholarship also includes essays on the 16th century cartography of North America and the role of the ecology of the Southeast in early Spanish settlement.  He is a Fellow of the Louisiana Historical Association, and recipient of McGinty Life-time achievement award.