Nao Santa María – April 6 through April 14


Due to weather off the east coast and the priority of safety for the crew and ship, the arrival of the Santa María to Beaufort has been delayed.

The new dates again offer Beaufort the opportunity to have two weekends to board this floating museum. The Spanish Foundation has agreed to alter its entire schedule to ensure a port of call in Beaufort and are working tirelessly to accommodate these changes that are out of anyone’s control.

The Captain and crew of the Santa María are facing challenges not unlike what early explorers faced in their efforts to navigate and sail the coast of La Florida in the 16th century.

Travel from Key West continues to be hindered by Mother Nature. After a diversion to Cape Canaveral this week due to serious storms off the coast, the Santa María’s attempt to restart their journey to Beaufort was met with volatile North winds in the gulf stream. After brave attempts to sail the 500-year-old replica vessel against these conditions, the ship sustained damage and the safety of the crew was at stake. Therefore, the Captain returned to Cape Canaveral for safe docking and ship repair.

Efforts to bring this vessel to Beaufort are still moving forward. The goal to provide an authentic, living history experience to visitors is only heightened by the trials of this journey. Imagine without today’s technology and weather forecasting what such voyages would be like. Bear in mind, the original Santa María, the flagship of Columbus, was shipwrecked in 1492 in the Caribbean.

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