Santa Elena and the Pocahontas Connection

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November 30, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm
Santa Elena History Center
1501 Bay St
Beaufort, SC 29902
Santa Elena and the Pocahontas Connection
Saturday November 30 @ 12:00
Enjoy the 45 minute Pocahontas Connection program and then take a tour of Santa Elena History Center!
Program Description: A 45 minute presentation centered upon the Spanish interaction with the American natives who eventually became known as “The Powhatan Confederation” more than forty years before the English arrived on the same site.  The presentation defines what and where “Ajacan” was by walking through the story of Paquiquinejo, an Algonquin ruling class member taken to Spain in 1561, his conversion to Catholicism and name change to “Don Luis Valesco”, and subsequent murder of Jesuits within walking distance of where Jamestown would be established.  The “Ajacan Mission” was launched from Santa Elena and included the son of the colony’s tailor.  At a minimum, Powhatan Confederation leadership was well versed on European habits and intentions thirty-seven years before Jamestown was founded.  At a maximum, Paquiquinejo was Pocahontas’ grandfather.  It is more probable that Paquiquinejo was Powhatan’s brother, Opechancanaugh…captor of Captain John Smith in 1607 from which the Pocahontas legend is derived.
Presenter Bio: Colonel (US Army Special Forces Retired) Christopher Allen served over thirty four years in government service in uniform and as a Department of Defense Civilian.  His undergraduate degree is from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He earned National Security Masters degrees from both the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island and the National War College in Washington, DC.  He became a history disciple of Beaufort’s Dr. Larry Rowland in 2004 and pursues an amateur’s passion for finding “America’s Lost Century”  as a member of the Santa Elena Foundation Board of Directors.
Admission: This program is offered at the regular cost of Santa Elena History Center’s admission. Attendees are invited to tour the exhibits before or after the program.
Please reserve your spot online! This program will require a minimum of 15 registrants by Friday the 29th.