Dr. Andrew J. Beall, Chairman of Board


andyDr. Andrew J. Beall, Chairman

A successful merger of two global business units in 2010 provided Andy Beall an opportunity to pause his work as an enterprise leader and pursue a terminal academic degree.  Beall spent 30 years in the industrial equipment business and was fortunate to lead global teams chartered to build and service the pumps, valves and sealing equipment required by industries worldwide. The organization built and operated manufacturing and service locations in over 30 countries, supporting the critical infrastructure that makes modern life possible.

Being a part of the doctoral program at the School of Advanced Studies at University of Phoenix provided Beall an exceptional opportunity to learn the skills of a scholar while reading the literature and study the theories underpinning best practices in leadership.

After earning a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2013, Dr. Beall continued to follow the “SPL” model as a scholar, practitioner, and leader devoting his time to the Santa Elena Foundation and Santa Elena History Center.  The work of the Santa Elena Foundation is an international, historical, and cultural project expanding public knowledge of 16th Century American History and encouraging economic development as a result of growing interest in research at the archaeological site in South Carolina and in the history archives of Spain.  The Santa Elena Foundation is currently commemorating 450 years since European settlers arrived on the shore of Parris Island, South Carolina.