Board Members

Santa Elena Foundation Board and Advisory Boards 

Santa Elena Foundation Board:

Col US ARMY (RET) Christopher Allen, Vice Chairman

Dr. Andrew J. Beall, Chairman

William S. Davies, Jr.

Mrs. Deborah Dykes

Col US ARMY (RET) Greg Dyson

Dr. Martha Moriarty, Associate Vice Chancellor at University of South Carolina – Beaufort

Professor Larry Rowland, Historian and Author

Mr. Richard Thomas

Mr. John Trask III

Mrs. Megan T. Morris, Executive Director of the Santa Elena Foundation, Ex Oficio

Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Daryl Ferguson – Chairman Emeritus and Founder

Dr. Eric Emerson – SC Department of Archives and History

Alvaro Armada Barcaiztegui, Conde de Guemes

Dr. Eugene Lyon, Historian and Author, Past Exec. Director of St. Augustine Foundation

Dr. Paul Hoffman, Historian and Author – Distinguished Professor of Colonial Spanish history

Dr. William Kelso, Executive Director and Chief Archaeologist at Historic Jamestown

Dr. Chester DePratter, USC Archaeologist and discoverer of the Charlesfort site

Walter Edgar, PhD, South Carolina Historian

David Moore, PhD, Archaeologist and discover of Fort San Juan built in 1566 by Capt. Juan Pardo

Dr. Rex Garniewicz, Published archaeological work from both Native American sites and early American forts

Dr. J. Michael Francis, Professor and Hough Family Chair of Florida Studies

Dr. Karen Lynn Paar, Author of To Settle is to Conquer. A history of Santa Elena



Dr. Stanley Bond, US Dept of Interior, Chief Federal Archaeologist

Dr. Mary Socci, Archaeologist and Director at Palmetto Bluff

Dean Moss, Retired executive of BJWSA

Maggie Bertin, Retired Smithsonian senior officer

Dick Stewart, Entrepreneur and community leader

Dr. T. Bruce Fryer, Distinguished Professor of Spanish