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Dr. Larry Rowland to speak on The Story of Santa Elena: America’s Lost Century

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Dr. Larry Rowland to speak on

The Story of Santa Elena:  America’s Lost Century


Larry Rowland (1 of 1)When and Where was America first settled by Europeans?  Was it Jamestown or Plymouth as we learned in grammar school?  Or was it really much earlier, right here in BeaufortCounty – in Santa Elena?   The  period, from 1492 when Columbus arrived in America through the end of the 1500’s are crucial years for Beaufort County but these one hundred years have been lost in our history books.

Dr. Larry Rowland, local historian and professor emeritus at USC-Beaufort,  will electrify the public as he brings to life  this “Lost Century” .  The lecture will be held on Sunday, October 19th at 4pm at the Center for the Arts on USC-Beaufort’s historic campus.   Admission is $25

Today, scholars agree that present day United States was first settled as a Spanish community at Santa Elena in 1569. Documents prove that Spain’s Governor-General of la Florida, Pedro Menendez, landed at Santa Elena in 1566 and established a military garrison; Menendez then brought 200 settlers to Santa Elena in 1569. He made it the Capital of Spanish la Florida and nurtured the settlement until his death in 1574. Spanish soldiers and settlers remained at Santa Elena until consolidated in 1587 to Saint Augustine and Santa Elena was abandoned.

The newly established Santa Elena Foundation, a non-profit organization based in BeaufortCounty is sponsoring the lecture in conjunction with the Center for the Arts.  The Foundation’s mission is to expand the story of European colonization of North America through discovery, preservation and promotion of Santa Elena.

For more information, please contact the Center for the Arts box office at 521-4145.!special-events/c1q2z